for a happy & healthy dog

A tired dog is a good dog. A tired human? Just a tired human.

With busy workdays, long commutes, and family obligations, life can interfere with daily exercise for our dogs. That problem is solved when you give your dog's leash to a certified professional dog walker at Tired Dog Good Dog.

What’s in it for you?

First and foremost you get a happy and healthy dog. You can relax knowing your dog is in the safe care of a certified dog walker. He is getting the mental and physical exercise his mind and body need. You return home to a dog ready for companionship and cuddling because the daily walk is already done.

What’s in it for your dog?

Guaranteed outdoor time—RAIN or shine. That’s right, even in the rain. This outdoor time will be with a small group of dogs carefully selected for compatibility. Or if your dog is better suited to a group of one, he can go it alone. Your dog gets the opportunity to enjoy one of Portland’s abundant parks or neighborhoods to break up his day at home alone. On all walks, positive encouragement of good manners such as sit, down, and stay help bring out the best in your dog.

What’s a certified dog walker?

Not just a fancy title! While you may feel comfortable walking your own dog, what about adding 2-3 other dogs who don’t belong to you? What about getting those 3-4 dogs in and out of a car and leashed up for the walk? And what happens when you encounter other dogs on your walk? Fortunately certified dog walkers are skilled in canine behavior, group dynamics, and management just for these purposes. So you can feel comfortable while your dog is out with his new friends on his park adventure. Certified dog walkers are also trained in canine first aid and CPR. And lastly, a certified dog walker feels honored that you trust your beloved dog in their care and takes that responsibility to heart.